Medical Services Building Named Coach Tom Izzo and Family

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Medical Services Building on McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital campus named after Hall of Fame coach Tom Izzo, his wife Lupe, and their family.

Naming of the medical services building recognizes the Izzo family’s commitment to the community.

LANSING, MICHIGAN, May 9, 2023 – Gillespie Group announced the name of their Medical Services Building, opening June 2023 in the University Health Park, today as the “Izzo Family Medical Center” named after Michigan State University’s Basketball Coach Tom Izzo, his wife Lupe, and their family. The naming opportunity was presented to the Izzo family to honor the positive contributions they have made in the community over the past 27 years. The building will house three groups that will provide access to faster and innovative services – McLaren Greater Lansing, MSU Healthcare, and Corewell Health’s Helen Devos Children’s hospital – another postivie contribution to the region.

With the building signage being installed later this week on the 60,400 sq ft building, visitors will see “Izzo Family Medical Center” externally on the south side of the building in a dark green, under the McLaren Greater Lansing signage, as well as in the entrance of the main lobby.

“Tom, Lupe, and their family have brought so much to the community that will continue impact the region for decades,” said Pat Gillespie, Founder and CEO of Gillespie Group. “Their involvement in this development that will serve so many, continues to affirm their commitment to make positive contributions to the region.”

Izzo Family Medical Center, a Gillespie Group development

McLaren Greater Lansing agrees and is confident it will bring more awareness to the services provided.

“We are delighted that the Izzo family has chosen to invest in their community and in a program that’s sole purpose is to provide for the betterment of the community through expanded access to state-of-the-art services,” said Kirk Ray, President and CEO of McLaren Greater Lansing. “Their partnership in the project will enhance the visibility of these services, and we’re thankful for their association.”

Physical, mental, and emotional health have been topics commonly talked about by Tom and Lupe, whether referencing basketball players, family, or the community. As part owner, in conjunction with Gillespie Group and a few other investors, when the opportunity was presented to them to have the building named after their family, it is because of the powerful impact they believe the services will have on the greater Lansing region that they agreed.

“The collaboration of expertise between McLaren, MSU Healthcare, Corewell Health and Gillespie Group is a great example of the work needed to advance and secure our community’s wellbeing,” said Tom Izzo. Lupe Izzo followed, “Having our family be a part of this development in support of bringing the innovative medical services to impact the region for generations to come is an honor.”

McLaren Greater Lansing, part of McLaren Health Care, continues to develop creative solutions through collaboration, giving the community access to innovative services faster and more convenient.

“Enhancing facilities and expanding service offerings have long been the focus of McLaren Health Care investments in Lansing. Through the new $600 million McLaren Greater Lansing’s health care campus, we’ve realized a number of partnerships and joint ventures and have seen firsthand the benefits that increasing access to care can have for our patients. We applaud Tom and Lupe Izzo for their continuing commitment to the Lansing community, and we’re honored by their association with McLaren,” said Philip Incarnati, McLaren Health Care President and CEO.

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